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File a complaint against a Judge or Magistrate

Posted by consumers4justice on May 27, 2009

This article is primarily for the many federal employees at Federal Soup, who complain about fraudulent, rogue, unfair Judges and Magistrates.  [ Federal Soup is a great community resource for federal employees.]  It should be NO surprise that fraudulent, rogue and unfair Judges exist because judges are human, blessed with the choice of right and wrong (good and evil).

Therefore, whether you are represented by an attorney or a pro se litigant (without legal representation from an attorney), you have the right file a complaint against a rogue Judge.  Actually, there is a long list of professionals, who are held to professional standards of conducts and a code of ethics.  In this blog we will discuss the process to file a complaint against a Judge, who is not living up to the professional standards of conduct and a code of ethics for his/her profession as JUDGE.

First you must identify the Commission or Agency in your State that is responsible for regulating and monitoring the professional conduct of Judges.  Once you have identified the proper agency; download or request a complaint form.  These agencies are great sources of information; as a matter of fact, they will direct you to the proper agency if they are not the agency to file your complaint.

Second, [this is very easy] identify the CANONS (rules, codes, and/or laws) that the judge has violated.

Third, now that you have both, the agency to the file the complaint and the canons, which regulate the judge’s conduct; now you are ready to file the complaint.  It is so easy to file a complaint against a judge, you do not need an attorney, but if you need some paralegal assistance, we recommend our paralegal consultation services.

For example:  If Erania E. Martin, Administrative Judge, is incompetent and dismisses cases WITHOUT cause; and the effected parties fail to file a complaint; Judge Martin is free to continue dismissing  cases without being accountable.  However, if individuals filed complaints about a Judges’ questionable behavior; Judges will be held to their professional standard of conduct and code of ethics or be removed and disbarred.

Helpful resources:  eHow, Family Court Blog, IN State Commission and Find Law.


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